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Last Call – Academy of Self Defense

Crew Up for the ‘LAST CALL’ WOD – A Triplet AMRAP Problem!

Hi there, Santa Clara Health Group!

Are you prepared for an epic exercise that mixes teamwork, power, and a complete lot of sweat? Welcome to the ‘LAST CALL’ WOD! Immediately at 12 pm, Coach Serra is bringing you a trio of mini AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Attainable) in groups of three. It’s all about collaboration, pushing limits, and, most significantly, having a blast!

Your Teamwork Check Awaits:

  • Spherical One: Begin with 50 KB Flooring Press, 50 HR (Hand Launch) Push-Ups, and 50 Shoulder Faucets. This spherical is all about higher physique energy and coordination.
  • Spherical Two: Prepare for 50 Cling Clear Squats, 50 Useless Cleans, and 50 Sprinter-ups. It’s an ideal mix to problem your decrease physique and agility.
  • Spherical Three: End sturdy with 50 PP (Push Press), 50 PK (Energy Kicks), and 50 Plank Punches. That is the place you summon your remaining power for a grand finale.

In every AMRAP, you and your teammates will work collectively, dividing and conquering the reps. Coach Serra’s experience will information your staff by way of methods and type, guaranteeing you take advantage of out of each transfer.

So, rally your exercise buddies or be a part of a staff on the Academy of Self Protection. Let’s make ‘LAST CALL’ a exercise to recollect – full of teamwork, triumph, and a ton of enjoyable!

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