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Group Up and Deal with ‘NO PRESSURE’ WOD at GRIT Class!

Whats up, Santa Clara Health Fans!

At this time’s GRIT class at 12 pm with Coach Serra is all about teamwork and selection! We’re excited to introduce the ‘NO PRESSURE’ WOD, a singular exercise designed for teams of three. It’s an ideal alternative to bond, encourage one another, and revel in a various vary of workouts unfold throughout 4 energetic rounds.

Right here’s the ‘NO PRESSURE’ Breakdown:

  • A1: 60 Punches: One workforce member will begin with a flurry of punches, setting a dynamic tempo.
  • B1: Soar Rope: One other will bounce rope, good for constructing stamina and coordination.
  • C1: Plank Maintain: The third member holds a plank, strengthening the core.

As soon as the bag work is completed, you’ll rotate, guaranteeing every member will get to expertise each train.

  • A2: 60 Kicks: Now change to highly effective kicks for a decrease physique exercise.
  • B2: Burpees: Time for burpees, an all-in-one health booster.
  • C2: Facet Plank Maintain (2 Left/2 Proper): Problem your steadiness and core stability.

As you rotate via these stations, you’ll not solely work on completely different muscle teams but additionally encourage and push one another to maintain going.

  • A3: 100 Bag Hits: Unleash your vitality with a collection of bag hits.
  • B3: Goblet Squats: Deal with decrease physique power with goblet squats.
  • C3: Hand-Launch Push-Ups (HR PU): End robust with push-ups that focus on your higher physique.

‘NO PRESSURE’ is greater than only a exercise; it’s a enjoyable and fascinating method to expertise health in a bunch setting. Whether or not you’re right here to enhance your cardio, power, or simply to have a very good time, Coach Serra’s steering will make sure you get probably the most out of this session.

So, collect your health buddies or be a part of a bunch on the class, and let’s dive into ‘NO PRESSURE’. It’s time to sweat, chortle, and obtain health objectives collectively!

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