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Get a GRip – Academy of Self Defense

Hey, grip-getters of Santa Clara!

Are you prepared to hold robust and swing excessive? Tonight’s “Get a Grip” WOD is your likelihood to just do that. This routine is a gripping ladder of reps that descends from 50 all the way down to 10, and it’s all about pulling, hanging, and swinging your strategy to peak health.

Right here’s what you’ll be gripping onto:

  • Begin the ascent with Pull-Ups/TRX Rows, the place you’ll grip your strategy to a stronger again and biceps.
  • Transition into Dangle-Cleans for a full-body pull that challenges your maintain on the barbell.
  • Lastly, swing into American KB Swings for a grip that’s as sturdy as your will.

However the true secret to getting a grip? Coach Serra. Together with her encouragement, you’ll discover the energy in your fingers is simply matched by the willpower in your coronary heart.

So, be part of us on the Academy of Self Protection at 7 pm at this time. Whether or not you’re hanging from a bar or gripping a kettlebell, tonight we grip, we rip, and we rise collectively!

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