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Sensible Self Defense: Knickknacks on Your Pistol?

Websters dictionary defines a knickknack as “a lovely trifle; one thing extra decorative than helpful.” Extra decorative than helpful? Why would we wish to put knickknacks on a pistol designed for a critical goal? I personally don’t.

In a latest match, a competitor utilizing a P320 had his pistol slide spontaneously disassemble itself. The rear slide cap failed because the pistol fired and launched the extractor pressure pin, spring information, spring, and extractor—all of which departed in varied instructions (within the first image beneath, you may see the extractor pressure pin and different components popping out of the pistol slide). As soon as the competitor positioned all the components, we examined the rear slide cap and seen a slot on the precise aspect that was both worn into the slide cap or had resulted when the metallic failed (see second image beneath).

Extractor Pressure Pin Departing


Slot Worn or Gouged in Rear Slide Cap

The rear slide cap had a picture of some type on it and I believed it was most likely an after-market add on because it was noticeable lighter than these I had dealt with beforehand (I’m an authorized SIG P320 Armorer). I requested, and the proprietor stated he believed it was a manufacturing facility half that had subsequently been engraved with the picture. The competitor later verified that it was not a SIG manufacturing facility half however slightly an after-market addition made out of a reasonably smooth metallic, most likely aluminum. SIG manufacturing facility rear slide caps are metal and can entice a magnet. I examined a number of manufacturing facility slide caps which were by actually many hundreds of rounds and there was no put on in any respect in that space.

I personally have little interest in placing knickknacks on critical weapons. I’ve no difficulty with after-market components that improve the weapon’s shoot capability or operate similar to alternative sights, set off upgrades, or different additions that don’t compromise operate or security. Nonetheless, after-market components that carry out a essential operate should be not less than as robust and of the identical or higher high quality than the manufacturing facility half. If it isn’t, why substitute the manufacturing facility half?

The competitor is lucky that the pistol failed throughout a pistol match and never throughout a self-defense incident. The pistol was successfully disabled when the rear slide cap failed. Changing manufacturing facility components with substandard, after-market components that serve no operate apart from being decorative is clearly not a good suggestion. Regardless, you need to periodically examine each essential half in your pistol, manufacturing facility or not.  I’ve personally had P320 extractors fail, Glock entrance sights fall off on the worst attainable second, XDM rear sights break, 1911 plunger tubes fall off — the listing goes on.

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